Lava Tube Tour

Aloha Crater Lodge has an entrance into Kazumura cave, a Volcano Hawaii lava Tube. Hawaii’s Kazumura Cave is the world’s longest lava tube with 65.5 km (40 miles) of passages mapped. It was created round 700 years ago by an especially large and long-lasting eruption of Kilauea volcano. The cave is a showcase of lava formations and flow features.
Volcano Hawaii’s Aloha Crater Lodge features an entrance to Kazumura cave lava tube. The crater is a collapsed lava tube, a perfect environment for the old growth Ohia tree and Hapu’u tropical forest.  The initial descent into the cave is a hard difficulty, a rocky, muddy slope to a ladder 12 feet.  Once inside the cave it is an easy journey, about 30 minutes long.  

Long pants, tennis shoe/hiking boots required.  It is a $10 charge per person for the equipment provided, hard hat, headlamp and flash light.  Children 10 and up are okay with adult supervision.  Guests travel at their own risk.      Telephone 808-345-4449

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